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There's not quite a lot of stories I'd like to share. Nothing special happens recently. 
Oh yeah, there's an unimportant announcement for you, I (finally) reactivated my past twitter account (@thisisrizka), due to my 'awareness' of any slightest probability of my unique ID will be taken by another "Rizka Amalia". Haha, you know it, there are a looooot of people named "Rizka Amalia", and once I googled "Thisisrizka", I found another blog named thisisriska (using s, not z), so I was a little bit afraid that (maybe) one day "thisisrizka" would also be taken on Twitter. So here it is: thisisrizka, again, with no follower nor following.

I don't tweet at the first time. Until finally on early September, I decided to reactivate and reminiscing my twitter. Just so you know, I had deactivate my past twitter account for a year with almost 200 followers and followings. There's some feelings like: oh my.. I have to re-collecting all my fellas, if I had not deactivate my previous account, I'd not be busy collecting friends/followers, and blah and blah. But then I made another project for my own. I want my twitter to be the place where I post my #dailydoodle. Twitter should be my mini blog, so why I should be worried of having no followers? It's just a blog, you post what you like, what you do, and you can follow your friends, whom you want to be appeared on your timeline. Other than that, it's up to you. 

I'm not into following thingy. So once I follow you, it's not a compulsory for you to follow me back. It's just a twitter, a mini blog, my diary. If one day you got a bunch of people following you, it's just a bonus.

This is a quote I found interesting: "Do what you like, and do it often!" 
Thus I chose #dailydoodle: do what you like, and do it daily! Hehehe.
Anyway I've posted few of my doodles on twitter, and because it's not in a good quality, I don't put them on my blog. Haha. See you in another time!

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