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Well, it's almost a year I'm being job seeker. Pretty bad, huh? Not for me. I'm doing okay so far. I'm happy to have lots of things to do at home, like: drawing, learning to use another adobe programs, and also deepen my talent on it. In my  abundaaant spare time, I also practice cooking with my Mom, playing Sims Social on Facebook, go for some touring from Volkswagen Club in or outside my city, go sight seeing around the city, do some wisata kuliner, while I am also applying (and never stop) applying the jobs both online or send it postal. Me and my sister, Lila are now also taking a special class *I won't tell ya what special class is that, hehe*

Although I knew that my parents are okay with my status, I am pretty disturbed by lots of questions outside my family (by family I mean, my parents and my siblings). Until one day, I've seen that maybe from other people's points of view, I've been such a burden for my family, because I'm just keep asking money without even earn it from something. Hey! I didn't do such actions! I do help my parents, I've also done some creative projects, for free, in the hope that maybe my clients would love to recommend me to others. But that's not a big deal for me, I'm amateur illustrator, I need to make some sacrifices, that I believe would  give some good impacts for me someday.

"If you really want something, believe that the universe will conspires to help you."

And I do!

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