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Last Thursday, I had just arrived at Purwokerto from a very short trip to Bandung. Last week was a quite hectic week. First, I spend my Sunday night on the way to Jatinangor, arrived on Monday early morning, went to Bandung on Tuesday, and went back to Purwokerto on Wednesday. Honestly, I didn't have enough rest, because I have to pack some stuffs to be brought  back to my home.  Fortunately I was helped by a very good travel driver,  thus on Wednesday, I came back home bringing lesser stuffs.  :P  As for you to know, my boarding room will be over on July, and I'm not sure I'll spend my whole day sleeping and browsing in my small room until that. Haha.. :))

Hey, stop blabbering! Haha, okay, back to my short trip: on Tuesday, my friends and I went to Bandung by Damri to attend my friends graduation day. I was so happy to see everybody is leaving campus, nevertheless I also feel sad that everyone (including me) will spread everywhere to find their own path, which means we probably can't see each other as often as before. These are some of the pictures:

Watching my friends at Graha Sanusi through these photos,  still made me feel the ambience of the celebration. Yeah, at graduation, everybody was shiny as the sun, while families and friends were capturing their happy faces. It's when we just feel happy without worrying about the future, there's no fear about anything, what matters to us is only today's celebration.  And you know what, I think this would be something that everybody would love to treasure forever. Something they would never forget. 

Well, our quote today is:

First love never dies, first graduation never lost.

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