/ Sunday, May 24, 2009 /
I was whispering to you along the day the day when we walked on the same way the way which was taking us to home I was just hoping you don't think me bore I didn't know whether you heard it or not because I whispered it so softly too softly... that could only be heard by my own heart: "Walk on walk on and on speed up your steps before the raindrops come to the grounds keep walking walking with these wider steps we have to be home before the day's raining or the rain will soak your clothes let's run the rain's starting going down and I don't want you're hurt by the heavy rain we'll look for another place to shelter in oh come on don't slow your steps down I'll show you how to do a better run because walking is not enough to race the rain hey, there's a little space in front of that store it's the place which'll safe us from the rain that makes you pale don't worry because you'll soon be warm" these were the whisper I made the whisper which would never be heard -even by another living things the whisper I whispered to my own ears because having you beside me is the same as I'm alone you've never been there with me you're so close but I never feel you're there with me we always seem to live in our own separate world and conceal ourself in it as we could that's why we did not talk during the rain only the raindrops fell and made some noises that seemed so well noises which broke our silence chain you looked up at the sky and said: "it's gonna be a long rain" then we continued our silence orchestra, again we became the two freezed human I had no wonder if we both felt this is colder than ordinary rain "waiting for the rain ends is so boring," you said I didn't make a word or nod then you came back to your own silence and I thought it was too late to reply your sentence the rain ended finally I was sad but happy, actually our 'orchestra' would soon reach the end but it began again when our skin were touched our eyes were met -and seemed to be stiffed you said sorry, and I said don't worry we both smile -and the silence orchestra of the two conductors ended our world were finally revealed those day Jatinangor, Wednesday, November, 5th, 2008. -RA- The Silence Conductor

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